Access ProjeCt

Nordic Bulk Carriers A/S has been appointed as the only ship owner / operator and as the only Danish company to participate in Access project about the Arctic region. We will use our expertise as commercial user of the Northern Sea Route to give our input on the future for the region.

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Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society

Under this title a group of 27 European Research Institutions and Industry has participated in the EU-Call for Proposal „Ocean of Tomorrow" of the Seventh Framework Programm and was selected from 6 competitive groups to carry out the 4-years project, starting March 1st, 2011. The Coordinator of ACCESS is Jean-Claude Gascard from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.

The objectives of ACCESS are to investigate in 5 Work- Packages the effects of Climate Change on the

  • WP1 Arctic Environment, Arctic Ice Conditions
  • WP2 Marine Transportation and Tourism in the Arctic Domain
  • WP3 Fisheries
  • WP4 Extraction of Resources
  • WP5 Gouvernance

Nordic Bulk Carriers A/S is participating in the Workpackage 2 as one out of 15 partners from 10 European Countries.

Objectives of WP2

  • The objectives of the workpackage dedicated to Marine Transport and Tourism can be summarized by the following topics:
  • Impact of Climate Change on Arctic Shipping
  • Rules and Regulations for Marine Arctic Transport in view of changing ice conditions
  • Infrastructure needs for increased shipping
  • Pollution in the Arctic Ocean by increased shipping
  • Improvements of safeta and economy by Arctic shipping
  • Socio-economic aspects of Arctic transport and tourism
  • Arctic shipping governance under climate change conditions

Nordic Bulk Carriers are concentrating their input to ACCESS by working on the following WP2-Tasks:

  • Threat by icebergs and ice massifs to Arctic Shipping
  • Comparison of transport costs and time for sailing from Kirkenes to Yokohama via Northern Sea Route in ice conditions as effected by Climate Change without and with using Ice-Route-Optimization
  • Arctic Maritime Transport Research in View of a Shipping Company
  • Evaluation of ACCESS Arctic shipping research
  • User requirements for shipping in the Arctic